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Conversations & Events with Dr. Jia

Dr. Conway shares her personal testimony and the "Why" of who she has become today. Her entire purpose and mission in life is that women come to experience who they truly are not defined by pain, but PURPOSE! She preaches and teaches about wholeness & wellness, MIND, BODY & SOUL!

Listen to these amazing interviews with Dr. Jia.

  • Loving Me Project Podcast, February, 2020

Learning to loving who we are is one of the greatest achievements we can ascribe to. It is the greatest success! Read my article on "Changing From the Inside Out "

  •  Interview with LaBoo Enterprises, February, 2019

          Anointed Touch Ministries Outreach Center             

                                            Join Us In Jamaica 2023! 

Frequently Asked Questions for the Women's Ministry Retreat in Jamaica

  1. Initial Deposit is $100 and is non-refundable. As per the flyer this can be paid by Zelle to or Apple Pay @ 410-908-1413.
  2. Registration Cost for the Retreat/Conference is separate from the cost associated for the trip itself. Registration Cost covers conference materials: Swag Bag with Journal, Shirt, Custom Body Product and Worship at the Water Cloth, Conference Agenda. Payments for this will begin in October, 2022 and can be paid in full or over 4 months, but must be paid in full by January 31, 2023. 
  3. Flights are not included in the cost as 2023 flights for September are not available yet, however when available we will release the group rate.
  4. The retreat begins on the evening of the 10th and will host sessions September 11-13th, 2023, the remaining days are optional, but will be your time to explore, relax and release!
  5. There will be no separate registration for sessions as there is no overalapping of the sessions. They are for all to attend. ** Conference schedule will be finalized closer to retreat. 
  6. ** Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 will be an all WHITE EVENT please bring all WHITE for this workshop.