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Changed From The Inside Out   

  Be The Change You Want to See

"Changed From the Inside Out" is a book inspired by Dr.Conway's painful experiences and life journey. Here, she reveals how she rose above hardship and came out a better and stronger woman after dealing with the pain of sexual abuse, marriage challenges, depression and loss. Like other abused & hurting women, she also found herself at the end of her rope. However, instead of accepting defeat, she turned to God; and in so doing, turned her life around. Under His guidance, Dr.Conway transformed from being a badly broken woman to an enlightened, compassionate champion. Today, she commits herself to building a community of educated & empowered women who have "Changed from the Inside Out!" Learn about our author's inspiring journey by grabbing a copy of her book for only $14. For two copies, you only have to pay $25. You can also buy up to three copies for only $36. Each order gives you the chance to purchase our "Changed" Bracelet at half the price. Originally valued at $33, this beautiful jewelry has silver rhinestone lettering and Swarovski crystal accents.

Christian Life Coaching for Women

Dr. Jiajoyce Conway conducts individualized life coaching programs for Women:

  • Personalized plans that communicate strategies that empower women to overcome various fears and struggles that are hindrances.
  • Coaching strategies and tools that enable women to move forward in professional career changes and pursuits.
  • Integration of Personal & Spiritual Development principles that empower women to see themselves as God does.
  • Empower clients to develop their life's Road Map & Personal BluePrint to evaluate where they are going in life and what they will need for both personal, spiritual and professional development to ensue.
  • Provide hope and skill building tools for life-long use and growth.
  • Explore sources and solutions to eliminate discouragement, distractions and deterrants to embracing and living God's will and purpose for our lives as Kingdom Women.

The sessions may include face-to-face time and/or conference call time. I invite you to take part in these life-changing sessions. Call now for a free initial 30-minute strategy session with Dr. Jia.

Brands and Partners: Introducing " The Epitome of  A Woman"

 "Changing From The Inside Out", LLC Christian  Life Coaching Program for women includes my "Personal Brand" The Epitome of A Woman. My philosophy is that women must be whole from the inside out and my personalized brand the " The Epitome of A Woman," helps women to focus on building the inner & outer woman of power, strength, and endurance. My personalized shoe-line starts with customization to fit your taste and your style. The Epitome of A Woman speaks to the "she" that you are reflecting from the Inside Out. Visit my site and develop your personalized shoe today!


Developing Yourself From Within

Discover your purpose in life with the coaching programs of Changing From The Inside Out, LLC in York, Pennsylvania. In her self-help book, Dr.Conway tells how personal development can make this happen for you. Our author not only shares her personal experiences, but she also reveals her secrets to getting one's life back on track. To help other women, she mentored and spoke about the processes and merits of survivorship, and personal transformation.

Contact: Min.,Dr. Conway for Preaching Engagements, Book Signings, Women's Conferences/Workshops/Personal and/or Professional Life Coaching or Mentoring.