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Gain the confidence to have a fulfilling life through CFIO's Personal, Professional and or Spiritual Life Coaching Programs or invite Dr. Jia to be your guest speaker, preacher or workshop presenter.


Christian Life & Transformation Coaching and Empowerment for Women

Are you ready to move forward in taking your life back and pursue what you love, like, desire and know is your God given purpose? Significance and success comes from a place of wholeness and completion, and that is best achieved with the proper personal,spiritual and professional development. As a Woman's Christian Life & Transformation Coach it is my desire that you are successful in every aspect of your life, and even more I desire that you become equipped with the proper tools to move forward in your God appointed destiny. 


Changing From The Inside Out, LLC is a faith-based ministry that empowers women through spiritual, personal and professional coaching. We guide women on their journey to purpose. Through our Christian Life Coaching Program and Dr. Conway's very own testimony of transformation as shared in her book "Changed From The Inside Out," we educate, empower, esteem, and encourage women, inducing positive self-transformation from the inside out.

This enlightening experience brings about a personal evolution that enables every woman to live out their God fulfilled and purpose driven life!!

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Changing From the Inside Out Logo

Dr. Jia has committed her life to seeing lives transformed. She lives to have the lives of women changed towards living out the best version of themselves. She delivers from a wealth of knowledge and experiences that are relative and relational. God has a destiny for all of us, but often times we allow life to count us out of the promises of God because of our past trials and tribulations.

Are you ready to shift and sift from the place of wondering what it would look like if showed up to the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to move into a different mindset, heartset and soul space that will challenge you to stop living life based on who others have said you are BUT GOD?

Are you ready to engage with sound principles of change and transformation that are executable and integrate the word of God?

Are you ready to change with purpose and purpose to change because you deserve it?

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Changing From the Inside Out, LLC in York, Pennsylvania, promotes female empowerment, personal and professional development through life coaching. We also have a self-help book of the same title Changed From The Inside Out  that features information to demonstrates before women how to live purposefully. Overall, our faith-based organization aims to provide women with the strategies and tools to move forward in both spiritual, personal and professional pursuits of their God ordained life.

We believe that by practicing practical methods for personal development, physical, psychological, and spiritual change will ensue. This belief is the foundation of the women's community that we're building. We encourage survivorship from various adversities and challenges by encouraging women to embrace positive changes. Join us, as we embark on a journey to discover the joys of living a happy and fulfilled life, made possible through self-development and spiritual development.

Our author Dr. Jiajoyce Conway is an empowerment speaker and Christian life coach specializing in women's issues. She's a wife, mother, clinical practitioner, educator, minister, entrepreneur, and survivor. For more than five years now, she has been motivating women to excel by overcoming challenges and harnessing their potentials to the fullest.

Empowering women to be restored to a point of wholeness, and living a successful life of purpose.

Changing From The Inside Out


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